Quality and perfection known throughout whole Europe


We manufacture wooden and aluminum blinds, as well as pleated blinds bought for houses, flats, offices and studios in Poland, Germany, Scandinavia and other European countries.


For close to 30 years, we have won recognition of thousands of Customers who have appreciated high quality of our products and adopted cooperation standards. We provide solutions enabling to spend comfortable time indoors. Every user of our louvre blinds, pleated blinds or roller blinds receives a high-quality product which is functional, durable and strong. Thanks to that, ALUCOLOR products have been present for many years in interiors inhabited by demanding people who expect the products bought to have the top workmanship and usable qualities. In our manufacturing plant in Rumia, we create, distribute and dispatch e.g. the following:



Aluminum, vertical, wooden and bamboo blinds in dozens of colours. Easy installation, unique and aesthetic workmanship. Created to meet the Customer's needs and match interior design.








Window and door mosquito nets protect the interiors from infiltration by insects, dust or pollen. They do not, however, restrict air and light. They may be easily installed in various window joinery systems.







An untypically-shaped window? It is where pleated blinds are perfect. This is a solution combining advantages of roller blinds and aluminum blinds, made from a single textile or two different textiles which may be used for rooflights, tilt windows or skylights.








Solutions used on terraces, balconies and in windows. They offer perfect protection from sun, wind and rain. They ensure comfortable relax and keep the heat away. We offer also a roller awning, a successful combination of an awning and a roller blind advantages.







On-frame roller blinds, Roman blinds, day&night or perhaps traditional ones? In our plant in Rumia, you can buy roller blinds matching the aesthetic and usable requirements of our customers. They are a perfect replacement or complement for curtains.








An outdoor solution, shading the window and keeping heat and sunshine outside. Designed for places exposed to much sunshine. It provides efficient support for air conditioners.






Alucolor - a leading sun shade manufacturer We manufacture in Rumia, but sell to all parts of Poland and Europe.



Since the beginnings of our activity in 1989, we have been striving to improve and develop our products and personnel. As trends and Customers' tastes change, we have been trying to adapt to the modern tendencies. Thanks to that, our offer has been constantly enriched with improved aluminum and wooden blinds, pleated blinds, awnings, screens, mosquito nets or roller blinds. This is the reason for the great choice of colours, solutions and applications. And all that is possible thanks to our team of experienced engineers and technicians who keep an eye on the changes and introduce new and new technical options. As a result, ALUCOLOR has had a well-established brand and a repute of a renowned manufacturer of blinds, pleated blinds, roller blinds and other sun shades. Our products are highly popular in Germany, Sweden, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Spain and Belgium.


Alucolor ensures high quality not only as a manufacturer, but also as a provider of practical services for Customers in relation to installing the ordered aluminium louvre blinds and other solutions.



We offer comprehensive order performance: from measurement through "made-to-order" performance to professional installation. Thanks to that, our Customers may rest assured that the product bought by them will fulfil its function and stay with them for years. Installation of most on-frame blinds, pleated blinds or louvre blinds is fast and easy, but our professionals are always here for you. Contact us and benefit from our expertise and experience.


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