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The material used for the production of awnings (acrylic sheathing) reflects as much as 95% of heat, and when it is cold, it does not “release” heat from under the heated awning. In addition, it is resistant to UV rays and does not emit any unpleasant odors when heated by the sun, which means that the material is not toxic and does not contain any carcinogenic dyes and pesticides. The fabric maintains a vivid color regardless of long-term use. The modern impregnation process protects it from water, dirt and mold – you can roll up a wet awning because water runs down the surface without penetrating into its interior. The construction of the awning is made of aluminum and powder coated so it will not rust. Withstands winds of 5/6 Beaufort (wind class 2). And most importantly, it is very safe to use. The cassettes are painted on the outside and inside in the same color.


Awnings do not wear out in the sun. The powder varnish used is resistant to the sun. The fabrics do not lose their color or give off any odor when heated. All external elements are made of aluminum as a more durable solution than plastic that can change shape and color under the influence of strong sunlight.


The fabrics are resistant to water – they do not get wet. Stainless or galvanized bolts were used in the construction. The angle of inclination of the awning must be set in such a way as to allow the water to flow freely – otherwise, the awning should not be used in the rain. A minimum angle of 14 degrees is recommended. The awning can only be used in moderate rain.


Awnings in a cassette or covered with a roof do not need to be dismantled for the winter. Just roll it up after cleaning it. Dragon awnings are secured with powder varnish. Plastic external elements that could be damaged in frost were not used. Do not start the electric motor during frost.

Classic awning

Your terrace is a special place where you get rest. It’s your space. We presented the Jupiter EVO awning for you. Choosing this awning, you get an extended 5-year warranty and a higher-class quality. Perfectly cover even very large terraces. And a large number of additional options will give it a personal touch.

Cassette awning

In our opinion, this is the most beautiful awning on the Polish markets. After folding, the fabric is hidden in the cassette. That system is prevent dirt, the fabric will be as clean as new. The cassette is only 13 cm – it does not have much space on the wall.

Full cassete awning

Let yourself be surprised by the amazing solutions that the new version of the Selene EVO awning. We closed the arms with a 3.5 m reach in an elegant 21 x 25 cm cassette! Spell completes the increased wind resistance. The fabric and arms are hidden in separate sections of the cassette, never touching each other. The cassette provides the fabric with purity while the awning is rolled up.

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