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aluminum blind

Żaluzje aluminiowe w dziesiątkach wersji kolorystycznych. Unikatowo i estetycznie wykonane. Stworzone na specjalne zamówienie, świetnie sprawdzające się w każdym pomieszczeniu dzięki dużym możliwością personalizacji.


An untypically-shaped window? It is where pleated blinds are perfect. This is a solution combining advantages of roller blinds and aluminum blinds, made from a single textile or two different textiles which may be used for rooflights, tilt windows or skylights.


Roller blinds – free hanging or day/night? In our offer you will find not only the most popular models of roller blinds but also a huge variety of avaliable colours and accesories.


Window and door mosquito nets protect the interiors from infiltration by insects, dust or pollen. They do not, however, restrict air and light. They may be easily installed in various window joinery systems.


Solutions used on terraces, balconies and in windows. They offer perfect protection from sun, wind and rain. They ensure comfortable relax and keep the heat away. We offer also a roller awning, a successful combination of an awning and a roller blind advantages.

wooden blind

Stylish wooden blinds are perfect for even the most demanding interior. It is possible to personalize them through a wide collection of colours and ladders.

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