Day-night roller blinds

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Day-night roller blinds

The day-night blind is a blind made of fabric with horizontal stripes – one by one transparent and untransparent fabric.
This structure, it is easy to regulate amount of incoming light into the room.
Modern window decoration whith function of venetian blinds, roller blinds and curtains.


The colors of the accessories in the day / night roller blinds are: white, brown, anthracite, gray, silver, golden oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry, winchester and swamp oak. Additionally, you can use a metal chain.


The blind can be mounted to the ceiling, wall, window frame or window recess.


The day and night roller blind can be produced in a free-hanging version or in guides.


Min. widith: 300 mm
Min. height: 300 mm
Max. widith: 1500 mm
Max. height: 1300-2300 mm

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