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Zenith is a modern, luxurious and user-friendly venetian blind intended for indoor use with 25mm slats of unique collection. The blind is designed for free hanging wall and ceiling mount with a possibility of side-quiding. The Zenith comes in six different versions, each with its effect on indoor environment and comfort.
The recipient is encouraged to design a unique Zenith blind by selecting different slat, rail, equipment and textile colors.


Raising and lowering function is manually controlled by 1.2mm cord with a use of cord lock which is designed to work by as small movements as technically possible. The cord lock is released by moving the cords towards the center of the blind. To lock the blinds, move the cords back to a vertical position.
Tilting of the slats is operated by wand connected to a tilt gear with a ratio of 1:2, which means that minimal turn is required to tilt the blind.
The Zenith blind is also available in motorized version, which applies both for raising and lowering function, as for tilting.


All visible plastic parts are stylized to match the blinds design and come in 5 different colors to suit the rails.
The handle for wand and cord tassel is the same part which adds the elegance to the blind.
The string tape holder hidden in the bottom rail is a patented device that contains 2 small screws that allow to adjust the blinds height properly even after mounting.
Installation brackets are made of special steel to enhance its durability and can be attached to blinds irrespective of location of the equipment inside the head rail. Brackets are universal for wall and ceiling mounting and additionally plastic covers in 5 colors are available to hide the visible back part.


The rails are made of extruded aluminum and are available in 6 designs.
The head rail is 31mm wide and 30mm high and its bottom is formed into a shape of a venetian blind slat, which improves closing of the blinds.
The bottom rail is 25mm wide and 10mm and is shaped like 2 opposite blind slats. The most unique feature is that no cords, string tape or plugs are visible in the rail.


The 25mm slats used in Zenith are made of heavier material than other blinds which raises blinds stability and complies to its high technical and aesthetic level. The distance between the slats is 20mm (shorter than in other blinds), providing greater overlap and less light when the blinds is closed.


A collection of 25 selected slats to make your interior unique.

The patented off-white slat with a 3.4mm orange stripe that transforms the hard sunlight into soft light, allows its user to control the warmth of the light.

This climate version of Zenith comes in 4 slat colors with reflective back. When the blind is used correctly it reflects the Sun in the summer making the interior cooler and retains heat in winter, saving energy.

This version comes with slats that have a matt surface that stops the reflective rays. This is optimal in spaces with computer screens as they avoid reflections.

Comes with slats that change color depending on the light’s strength.

Every Zenith blinds is available as Private, which means that holes in the slats are on the outside edge which causes that blind when closed appears without holes and lets no light in.


Maximum width: 2250mm
Maximum height: 3000mm
Maximum area: 5m2

Maximum width: 2250mm
Maximum height: 3000mm
Maximum area: 5m2

Package sizes:
Height of blind in mm 500 1000 1500 2000
Height of package in mm 70 80 90 105

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