Cassette awning

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Cassette awning

In our opinion, this is the most beautiful awning on the Polish markets. After folding, the fabric is hidden in the cassette. That system is prevent dirt, the fabric will be as clean as new. The cassette is only 13 cm – it does not have much space on the wall.


Classic aluminum structure with easy assembly on a galvanized steel beam. The awning blind is secured with varnish resistant to all-year-round external conditions. Stainless and galvanized screws. All mechanisms and covers are made of aluminum, with no external plastic parts. High wind resistance due to the use of aluminum alloy, such as in aircraft wings. Cassette protecting the fabric against dirt. After the awning is rolled up, the fabric is secured in an aluminum cassette, thanks to which the fabric stays clean longer. The cassette takes up little space, it is only 13 cm – it is the smallest cassette on the market!


Width from 220 to 1200 cm, projection: 150 cm, 200 cm, 250 cm, 300 cm, 350 cm and 400 cm. Tilt angle from 4 to 40 degrees. The recommended angle is 14 degrees.


ROLLING FLOOR – VARIO VOLANT – works like a roller blind with an independent fabric, discreetly hidden in the front profile. The frill unfolds to 130 cm. It is perfect as a cover against the low setting sun. Drive by crank or electric motor.

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