Vertical blinds

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Vertical blinds

Vertical blind is the type of window covers that give you a lot of control freedom. They provide adequate protection against the sun and guarantee the highest quality of the fabrics used. At the same time, they are easy to use and functional in terms of arrangement. They will work in the office, home and wherever there are large windows. Thanks to them, you will create an interesting and original space.


Vertical blind can be controlled with a cord, knob or remote control, by powering the blinds with an electric drive. Vertical blinds will effectively cover any interior. They rotate 180 degrees around their axis, thanks to which they protect the rooms from the sun and unwanted gazes from the outside, without completely obstructing the views outside the window. Vertical blinds, depending on the selected system, can be slid to any side, inwards or outwards. If you prefer unusual solutions, verticals can act as a door or a partition wall, thus dividing a large space into smaller sectors. This solution will work, for example, in an office where employees need a separate and interesting work space.


The rail to which the vertical blinds are attached resembles a classic curtain rod. It allows installation to horizontal as well as sloping surfaces such as an attic ceiling. There is a guide in the rail with movable handles to which vertical fabrics are attached. Each of them can be detached and changed places.


Depending on your taste or the size of the sheltered recess, you can use fabrics with a width of 89 or 127 mm. Due to their properties, vertical blinds can be used, among others, in rooms with increased hygiene requirements and stricter fire regulations.


Min.widith: 300 mm
Min.height: 500 mm
Max.widith: 5000 mm
Max.height: 4000 mm

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